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FIT & FINE slimming clinic is a complete non-surgical passive slimming clinic in Mumbai. Having our presence since last many years, we have catered successfully to all strata of the society. This has been possible because of our Ultramodern Technology Treatments along with our expertise of providing Customized packages. With a rapid growth in our network across the years, our endeavor has been to maximize the Customer Satisfaction, where special attention is given to reduce body weight, body fat, inch loss as well as toning and strengthening of the muscles thereby improving the overall fitness level of an individual.

We provide friendly and relaxed environment to all our clients. We also offer in-depth consultation and personalized treatment with the help of our well trained & experienced team.


Health ! Fitness ! Beauty ! Weight Loss ! Anti-Ageing !

No Physical Exercise !

No Crash Dieting !

No Medicines !

No Side Effects !