Weight Loss

Healthy weight loss is really an attempt to reduce excess body fat. We believe permanent fat loss is a process of education. Our aim is to educate each visitor by attempting to provide a holistic approach to every aspect of fat loss, from nutrition, diet, and the best exercises to the correct mind set.

We believe in developing a deeper motivation to lose excess body weight if one understands the basic principles in physiology, exercise, fat metabolism, food dietary habits and healthy nutrition. We hope this site guides you to your ultimate weight loss goal.

Overweight / Obesity increases the chances of diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, high cholesterol, sleep disturbances, loss of libido, infertility and even cancer. At Fit & Fine, we offer complete natural solution for obesity and its related morbidity. Its special therapeutic massage with herbal paste oil etc. reduces weight, imparts mobility to joints, improves texture and complexion and stimulates the nerve endings. The most promising effect is proportionate slimming of bulky body and enhance beauty. The treatment is specially made keeping in mind the body constitution, status of natural bio humors like Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The weight loss program also aims at sustainable weight loss and prevents rebound weight gain.

With Fit & Fine, experience a fast weight loss and knock off kilos swiftly and effectively with no side-effects. Our methods combines several proven weight loss techniques in one weight loss program. Thousands of our clients have lost up to 5 kilos a month the healthy way. Why not you?

Our machine stimulates the nerves to induce expansion and contraction of the muscles through low voltage Bio Stimulation, which is similar to what a person does during physical exercise. The only difference being that an individual is not required to put in any manual effort.

The ULTRA TORC has a high frequency of 5000 cycle per second which enables it to stimulate deep scaled muscle and fat, such as muscles of the pelvic region, etc. It also stimulates muscles for torsional contraction (twisting motion) which helps in the elimination of excess body fluid and metabolic waste.

Weight loss is achieved by combining the use of our machine with a negative calorie diet. Negative calorie diet means that the person is having his full meal but the calorie content of his food is low.


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