Body Toning & Firming

Body Contouring is needed not only for the beauty, but for health reasons also, so that the obesity related effects like diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart attacks, joint pains, depression and social isolation are prevented for ever.

It is always best to prevent it by being careful with the diet, exercises, lifestyle modification, since the teenage. But if the problem still persists, don't worry. The body can be sculptured to the required shape and dimensions so that the self respect of the individual is enhanced for leading a healthy , fit and natural life.

During weight loss subcutaneous fat which is trapped between the skin and muscles will lose and create a gap in between the skin and muscles. This makes the skin appears loose and has to be tightened to give younger look.

Fit & Fine Slimming Clinic uses specialized procedures for body firming and contouring, which helps in firming and tightening the skin, improving the waist hip ratio and thereby promoting health. We also use, Anti cellulite oils and packs to give manual massages on specific pressure points, which lead in strengthening connective tissue and shaping the adipose tissue. These therapies are carried out either on entire body or on specific problematic areas like abdomen, hip, thighs, arms and back according to the client's requirements. These body treatments administered together will lead to strengthen, tone and build up the muscles deplete fat deposits and improve the overall quality of life.

Health ! Fitness ! Beauty ! Weight Loss ! Anti-Ageing !

No Physical Exercise !

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