Beauty Treatments

Our aim is wellness for life. Whether the programme taken is for skin, hair or body care, we offer Nutritional, Medical and Dermatological consultations free in order to understand and correct the underlying cause of the problem and ensure lasting results. A holistic approach is adopted and the Doctor as well as the Nutritionist / Dietician meet with clients coming with skin and / or hair related problems. The necessary interventions and treatments are administered from time to time by the experts.

At Fit & Fine, the progress of each client is monitored closely in order to ensure maximum results in the specified time span. We maintain complete systematic records for each client to monitor his/her progress on the programme.

Our Beauty Treatments include:

1) Anti Ageing

2) Acne / Pigmentation

3) Pimples / Scars

4) Chemical Peel

5) Face Lifting & Toning

6) Wrinkles & Fine Line Elimination

7) Under Eye Dark Circle

Health ! Fitness ! Beauty ! Weight Loss ! Anti-Ageing !

No Physical Exercise !

No Crash Dieting !

No Medicines !

No Side Effects !