Anti Ageing Treatment

Everyday our skin is exposed to harsh UV radiation and is undergoing sun damage. Apart from the external factors like sun rays & pollution, skin ageing is sometimes also determined by the inherited genes. Some of the common signs of ageing are fine lines, wrinkles, noticeable loss of firmness in facial/neck muscles causing to sag and drop dry skin that may itch, age spots and blotchy complexion.

At Fit & Fine we have an entire range of specially designed packages to hlp you reverse the clock of ageing skin.

Fit and Fine's anti ageing skin treatments have become very popular with those who are concerned about skin aging, acne scarring, sun damaged skin, age spots, freckles, fine lines, rough skin and uneven pigmentation. A variety of anti aging skin treatment are available at Fit & Fine to suit your needs, desires, time constraints, and your budget. These vary from relaxing and rejuvenating Medical Facials (PD2C) to the deeply therapeutic Intense Pulse light and Laser treatments.

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